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Why Nobleme's startup schools?

Plenty of people have great startup ideas, but transforming them into a reality is where most people struggle because they lack knowledge.

This is something that can be alleviated with our four week-long enterprise classes, which educates you on the basics of entrepreneurship.

With access to incubator programs and our Nobleme team, which includes serial entrepreneurs and well-known journalists, you will be provided with the guidance and the network needed to transform your great idea into an even better reality.


Our startup schools are designed to educate any budding entrepreneur on the basics of entrepreneurship. ​We provides the training and resources to successfully launch and grow your own startup. ​Our workshops are taught by industry experts, which include startup founders, accountants, and lawyers.

What is Nobleme startup school?​


Our classes can last up to four weeks, or can be customizable  to the length of your preference. We also offer online classes for students unable to attend in-person sessions. ​​Our startup schools teach the fundamentals of how to run a business to students aged 15 and over.

What We Offer


While having a good idea is necessary to the creation of a startup, it can be difficult to implement it and grow your business. 


Our lessons teach you how to network with like-minded people, approach investors and perfect your pitch deck, skills that are invaluable to getting your startup off the ground.

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