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Why You Need Us

Why You Need Us


By 2020, more than 95% of Top Rated Private Schools and Ivy League Universities will adopt Strategic Enrollment Management [SEM] as the basis for student admission, academic programs, and other initiatives.


This means that students will be admitted based on the likelihood of graduation from the institution.


Ivy League enrollment managers suggest that institutional criteria change from year-to-year and may vary significantly. Universities will consider not only high grades, test scores and extracurricular activities, but also many other unique factors in the admissions process.


It is the student's job to adapt to fit the SEM plan.


Identity planning combined with world class reputation management leads to a well-mapped, organized, and secured path towards success for student admission.  


We utilize the Strategic Planning and Enrollment Management approach to evaluate and boost the student's identity and calculate short term and long term cycles from freshman year through graduation, as well as entry into the workforce. ​


NobleMe focuses on what is best for students' success while increasing enrollment numbers and conversion of students' academic capital into successful careers.


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Reach for the stars with our college and career consulting services, which will pave your path to success


Improve your chances of getting into your dream colleges with our tutors!


Experience college life yourself and explore ivy-league campuses!


Have our experts guide you through the admissions process!


Have a good business idea? Learn how to implement it and run a start-up!


Move towards your school or career goals with our experienced mentors!


Move towards your school or career goals with our experienced mentors!


Get your name out there with our industry-specific networking sessions!


Take your job search to the next level with our personal branding consultants!


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​Ranging from Ivy League professors, admission officers, advisers, PR experts, to past Ivy League Honor Awarded students, NobleMe has the team you want to have behind your back

Edwina Wong

King's College & Columbia University & LSE

Edwina Wong is an adaptable global citizen with working experience in the legal, banking and education sectors. A First-Class International Relations graduate from King's College London and a current dual Master's International History student at Columbia University and the London School of Economics, she has balanced her studies with extracurricular activities, honing her marketing and consultancy skills through various student society commitments.

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